I had such a great time meeting everyone at the knitting meetup! I got to meet Stacey and Libby in real life and met a bunch of other people whose names I will probably remember next time. It's always fun to see other people's projects and talk knitting. Since nothing I was working on was a talk and knit at the same time type project, I started and finished an entire project this evening. Since I was so busy talking, I didn't notice the pattern error on the first hand warmer so there's a little jog in the spiral rib. I think I may just leave it in since -- a) they're just hand warmers, b) I've already sewn in the ends and c) the reason I didn't catch the mistake is because I was having fun talking with other knitters.

Women's Hand Warmers
Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Classic Elite Waterspun, Navy
Brittany birch dpn, 3.5 mm (US 5)


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