Almost Done

I fixed the big knitblog ring and now it's just a few more rings and the archives to go!


Slowly but surely

I'm moving -- knitlet.typepad.com. I still need to move my archives and rings, but go check it out for some exciting crafting action!


Some knitting, much sewing

I've been knitting away on the wrap cardigan that I was supposed to wear tomorrow. I guess I could drape the finished pieces on myself, but it's not really warm enough to wear short sleeves anyway. There's been a lot of sewing going on, much of which still needs to be photographed. But here's something my mom finished -- tiny felt bunnies for John. Here's one of the three.

John approves.


Knitting? I don't think so...

I haven't knit much since Thursday. My eight month old son, who was perfectly healthy on Thursday got a little cold on Friday and went to the doctor Saturday morning. After not getting any better Saturday and then getting much worse Sunday, we went to the emergency room with a 104.4 fever and dehydration. It turns out he has RSV and pneumonia. I feel so bad for the little guy. What can you do for a baby who is sick besides do horrible things like suction their noses and give them medicine they'd rather spit out? He's doing better already, but what a weekend. Oddly enough, my parents planned a visit months ago so I'll have help with John for an entire week starting on Tuesday.

John's looking like he'll make a quick recovery. I cannot thank people who work in emergency rooms at night enough! A few hours would have made an awful difference to John! To all of you who spend time away from your families in the wee hours, thank you for helping babies just like mine.


Sockapalooza Part II

My socks arrived today! They're from Kathy, who doesn't have a blog. These socks are so gorgeous that they definitely deserve some blog action.

The box arrived packed with extra yarn just to fill the box and a package tied with a hint of the colors I'd find inside.

Here are the beautiful socks! They're dyed with Kool-Aid and knit in a slip stitch pattern to show off the colors. I literally squealed when I first saw them. I love bright colors like this, but I don't trust my own color sense to do this on my own. I end up with muddled messes instead of works of art like these.

I put them on my feet roughly three seconds after the other picture was taken. They fit perfectly!

Thanks again, Kathy, and thanks to Alison for organizing this. I am SO ready for Sockapalooza Two. I even had delusions of hosting my own Sock Exchange as I walked back from the mail box today. Hmm...


I can sew!

I've been sewing rather than knitting for the last two days. I recently discovered Amy Butler and finally bit the bullet and got my sewing machine out of the closet. I made a present for someone. If you're due in August and live in Mississippi, you might not want to look if you want a surprise. Everyone else, click here to see everything!


Sockapalooza Part I

I sent my socks off last week and this morning I was so happy to see my sock pal Kristy wearing them. A perfect fit! It made my morning to see a picture of socks I'd knit on someone else's blog!