John Ancis?

Monday I realized that with baptism in a week, I'd better finish the baptism stole. Well, Monday's knitting didn't go so well. First, I didn't center the S, then the yarn broke (!) on a k3tog decrease in the C, so there'll be an extra end to sew in. Then when I looked at the pieces side by side, I realized that I'd knit a garter stitch border instead of a seed stitch border on the mistake-filled piece. Three strikes and you're out!

I started again yesterday and made much error free progress. Two letters and some finishing to go!

I also ordered my Anne for the Pooling Colors knitalong. I ordered two different colorways and I'm still not sure which I'll use to knit the scarf. I'm waiting until I see the colors in real life. Once I finish the side seams on Devan, I'll be free to start the scarf.


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