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We're moving! Woot! Right now we are in an adorable stone house built in the 1930's, with tons of windows and hardwood floors, close to campus and downtown, but all of that doesn't make up for the fact that we need more space. For the same rent, we can get 300-400 more square feet if we move just a little outside of the People's Republic of Boulder.

(Update: The yarn has been taken and is going to a good home. I still like the picture of all the balls of yarn, so I'm keeping this post.)

In preparation, I started going through my stash. I found that most of my stash is odds & ends of old projects, which I was going to use "sometime" in some giant, creative thrifty project. There's also some Wildfoote sock yarn I'm probably never going to use. All of this went into a giant bag, probably headed for Goodwill. The whole point of this post is that if anyone wants the whole thing, I'll ship it to you for free. Other than the sock yarn, which should be more than enough for an adult pair of socks, please be aware that there's not much of any one thing, sometimes less than an ounce. It might work for doll clothes or for a creative person who can mix up all sorts of yarn into a project. Here it all is in the bag

and spread out on the floor.

Most of it's wool. Some of it's cotton. Some blends. Very little straight up acrylic. It's all wound into center pull balls. We have two cats, but the yarn is smoke free. So, if you're interested in taking the whole thing, e-mail me. It will go to the first person who wants it. Otherwise it's off to some unknown fate in the Goodwill sorting room. I won't be knitting or blogging this weekend since we'll be cleaning up the house, so see you on Monday!


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