So easily distracted

I swatched for my new afghan project and since that swatch was the same size as one of the one hundred eighty-one squares I need to knit, it sort of got me started knitting on the afghan. Knitting small garter stitch squares is sort of addictive, a back to basics kind of project. I'm actually glad I stopped everything else and knitted on this for a while because I learned that I'm going to need more yarn.

The pattern assumes you can get eight squares out of one ball of yarn. Since I substituted Knit Picks Wool of the Andes for the now unavailable Rowan DK Tweed I'm only getting six squares per ball. I tried again, leaving miniscule ends at the cast on and bind off. Still just six squares. For some colors I'm fine, but for others I'll need more. I'm glad I went back today, since one of the colors in Wool of the Andes is sold out until April! Fortunately I've been able to get what I need.

The only bad thing about this new project is that it's distracting me from things I need to get done, like my Sockapalooza socks. I decided I didn't like the heel called for in the pattern (after I'd knit it, of course) so I have to go back and fix that. Maybe it can be a double entry in two of Alison's knit alongs -- the fix-a-thon and Sockapalooza!


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