Quick little project

Here's a scarf I made out of my wonderful graduation present yarn from my mother-in-law. The pattern is from Weekend Knitting and I used Waterspun. I think Waterspun is my new yarn addiction.


Pure excitement!

Today marks four years of Brynne and Christian as well as 6 weeks to go until John Francis!


Low Tech Blocking

I realized this afternoon that the finished poncho is longer than my kitchen table. Fortunately, it's not longer than my kitchen table plus my ironing board. The thrills that happen in small apartments!

Seaming tomorrow and I'll have a new piece of fall clothing to help me think about the fact that I will only be hugely pregnant for a few more weeks!


Really Big Rectangles

My current project is one of blissful, meditative knitting. A big rectangle in a simple pattern. It's the Union Square Shawl/Poncho from Weekend Knitting. I'm using 14 ply wool pak in bluebell.

The picture doesn't show the color correctly at all. It's much less turquoise, but the lack of sun today won't let me do any better. Only about a foot and a half to go before blocking!


Farewell to A Tale of Two Grad Students

This blog needs to be retitled, since I'm officially done with grad school now. Ha!