My sleeping baby bear

The ears are knit and the finishing is done, too!

Dreambaby and TLC Amore made a cute, very machine washable hat. It's still a little big, so John can grow into it for the fall.


Buckets of fun

I finally gave in and bought the bucket hat pattern from ChicKnits. I'm knitting it according to the pattern but at a smaller gauge so that it might end up fitting John as a sun hat this summer. I'm using Sugar'n Cream sport on size 2 needles. I did swatch, but I'm sort of just hoping that everything will turn out size-wise. I finished the double-strand brim last night while John was napping. I now know that napping from six until ten means that nighttime is awake time. Oops... At least I got some knitting done.

And I just remembered there's a bucket along over at Fluffa! Woo hoo!


Sans oreilles

The baby hat is done except for the ears. Here is John, modeling the hat quite calmly even though it's not exactly hat weather today. Still, it was only thirty seconds of hat wearing. It's quite big on him, so it will fit for a while once it's chilly.

I ordered the yarn for the ears today. After I had my husband check a ton of craft stores for the TLC Amore yarn (hear that, Acrylics Anonymous?) I finally gave up and got it online. I'm not sure how long it will take to get here, but the ears are a quick knit. I can hardly wait to finish my first post-baby project!


Yes, I'm knitting, but...

I had a very ego boosting comment the other day:

I can't believe you're knitting and blogging.

Lest someone think I'm some sort of crazy Martha Stewart super mom, I only put on something other than pajamas for pediatrician visits and church. My house is clean (as in sanitary) but incredibly disorganized. This is what I look like eighteen days postpartum.

I've even come to believe that my nursing pajamas look kind of sexy, like I would wear them even if I didn't have to. See, only the baby care and the knitting get done. And that's good enough for me. No interesting progress on the bear hat yet. During the weekends I just cling to my husband for adult conversation. :)


Bear hat is started!

Much more than started, actually. The past few days have yielded little tiny bits of knitting time. I'm done with the garter stitch border of the hat and I'm about a third of the way done with the plain part before the crown shaping. It looks like this will get done far before it's cool enough to use it!


Not knitting but sewing

Here's a less than optimal photo of the christening gown my mom made. It's incredibly detailed and I love it!

John will be baptized at a Sunday mass when he's just over five weeks old.



I have never been so proud of a gauge swatch. I found two colors of Dreambaby microfiber acrylic yarn and decided there would be enough to make a hat in the three month size. And I swatched! Look, something COMPLETE!

Eventually I'll get around to starting on the hat. But today I'm just happy to have a clean, fed, content baby and a gauge swatch.


Hope for the Future

So this baby thing can be challenging to say the least. Especially once they're out of that teeny tiny newborn phase where they do nothing but sleep and don't need to be changed at all. When I was going through some serious crying over the past few days, my husband starting calling John my baby bear to cheer me up. I really like bears. :) So, looking to the day where I can cast something on and knit a row or two, I'm starting this hat by choosing this pattern from a Phildar Layette magazine.

I think I'm going to use two colors of blue, then come up with something to substitute for furry ears. I'll choose yarn later this week and maybe have my husband run a yarn errand for me.


Postpartum Knitting

I did my first bit of knitting today, just to do some knitting. One whole round on the Spey Valley socks! No progress pictures, but here's one more baby picture: John and his dad.


Welcome home John Francis

John Francis
July 1, 2004 10:57 p.m.
8 lb. 4 oz., 20"

Apparently I was right about the contractions on Thursday. The intended recipient of the christening stole and Devan cardigan didn't want to wait until his due date. We're a family now!


I just need two more days

I finished the John/Christogram half of the baptism stole, now I just need the time to knit the Francis half. Aside from horribly needing blocking, I think it looks really nice.

I'm starting to think I'm having contractions, so hopefully they'll taper off and let me finish this project!