Adventures in Sleep Deprivation

I've been wondering what exactly I was doing wrong on my pooling colors scarf. Not only did I go up to a size 8 needle, I had to use 65 stitches. I was seriously trying to figure out how my skein of Anne could be that different than the one the pattern called for. And why did my scarf have so many more stripes than the one in the pattern?

Today it dawned on me that 65 stitches is getting pretty close to double the number of stitches called for. And, huh, if I were on smaller needles it would take double the number called for in the pattern. Aha! Despite my lack of sleep due to night feedings and diaper changes, I finally figured out that I'd marked every other turning point. I need to mark both ends to get the smaller number of stiches on the smaller needles with fewer stripes. Back into a ball you go, Anne.


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