I'm back!

Last week I got sick, my mother-in-law Louise came out to see the baby and my best friend Meriah unexpectedly came in from Mississippi. She'd emailed my old school email address (which I no longer check) in the last few days before it stopped working. So everyone got to hang out with me while I schlepped around the house in nursing pajamas. By Saturday I was feeling slightly better and went to Natterers with Meriah, with everything feeling so normal, just like she'd never moved away. I really miss having my best knitting friend around. Normally there would have been pictures, but I was just glad to be functioning like a semi-normal human. I did finish sewing the ends in on my bucket hat. The tiny one is Sugar 'n Cream Sport, knit in the smallest size with a gauge of 6.5 sts/in. The big one is Cotton Ease, knit to the specified gauge in size medium. Photo shoot coming soon!


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