Time to Confess

Denise Interchangeables are like my own personal accountability system. Since I don't have many other needles in the sizes covered by my Denise set, I can only be working on so many things at a time before I run out of cables. When I went to swatch for Arla, I found I only had the shortest cable and the two straight needle cables remaining. Hmm... Still enough to swatch!

Although it took me a while, I finally found all of the stray parts in various projects around the house.

1. My bucket hat

Started only a little bit ago in a bucket frenzy. I think the week after I cast on was a little hectic. Verdict: I think I'll finish this one before I start on the fall sweaters. The last one knit up quickly and it was made of stiffer yarn on teeny needles.

2. A cotton baby blanket

I started this when I thought I might be pregnant and was waiting out the time until I could test. I went to my friend Andria's "grandma night" and knit so much on it that my wrist hurt. Seed stitch in cotton isn't the greatest. Verdict: Put it on ribbon to hold it until I'm desperate for something mindless to knit.

3. Pi Shawl

I started this project from Weekend Knitting sometime in May to fill my last trimester with knitting goodness. I'm pretty sure I stopped to start the Union Square Shawl/Poncho. I like it, but knitting lace with that sticky, hairy mohair is sort of annoying. And I can't find a color of Koigu to knit the edging with. Verdict: Transfer to waste yarn and put it away until Pi inspiration strikes.

So it looks like all I need to finish up is my bucket hat. This week will be slow knitting-wise though, since my mother-in-law is coming out to visit us and meet John. I'm so excited that more of his family is coming out to see him!


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