Olympic Knitting

Remember these socks? Yet another project I started in late pregnancy and I've finally picked up again. I needed something easy to knit while I watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I really liked this year's opening ceremony act. Especially the woman with the glowing pregnant belly! But no progress pictures of these socks. Not when there's been yarn shopping!

I can usually convince my husband to drive all over creation so I can find new yarn stores. It's even easier when one of them is near one of his favorite restaurants from his college days. Lunch at Wild Ginger and a stop at the Tattered Cover (we're practically there anyway) and I can yarn shop to my heart's content. This week I learned of two new shops in the Denver area and decided that visiting them this weekend would be wonderfully edifying for my six-week-old. At the very least it will be indirectly good for him by being good for me.

I stopped in at Barnes and Noble last week to feed John (they have really comfortable chairs even if they are a chain with a Starbucks inside) and browsed through Family Circle Easy Knitting. As usual, nothing I wanted to knit, but what's this -- a yarn store in Centennial featured in one of the articles.

Knitty Cat is now my Rowan store. I'd never been to a Rowan stockist with this much yarn before! I also got my first look at those beautiful giant Rowan magazines. I could happily knit from these for quite a while. I decided to come home with a new project. Since my new baby-feeding figure doesn't really accommodate tiny tank tops I ended up with a cold weather project. It's cute, it's large gauge, it opens in the front for easy nursing. It's Bless, from the Cork collection.

There wasn't enough Cork in any color other than black, so I'm having a bag ordered in. I'm going to knit it in a grey called Turbid, but if that's backordered I'm going to get it in a tan called Snuggle. I get a bag discount, too, so it's like getting two skeins free! What could be better? Not wanting to leave without a little yarn, I got a skein of Calmer. I think I'm going to knit a hat similar to the one in the Calmer book.

I also joined the Knitty Cat Race for the Cure Team. That's another easy one to convince my husband about -- Hey, sweetlet, you want to run a 5k? Don't worry, it's after your half marathon. I just need you to hang around until the family fun walk... And we're good to go. :)

From the mile high knit blogs ring I learned about A Knitted Peace in Littleton. This is now my Noro store. I'd only seen Kuryeon and Silk Garden before. There is so much more Noro! On some sort of insane spree (encouraged by my enabler husband) I bought the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Collection - Book One. I know that everyone is knitting Klaralund from Book Two, but I ended up with a design called Arla knit in Iro in a beautiful red color. Again, it's very nursing friendly with its buttons on the front. It's such an over the top project for me and I'm so excited about it. Here's Arla

and a pile of Iro.

I don't think I'll be buying yarn for a while, but this will be a beautiful fall!


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