Super Exciting Day

We signed our lease this morning and came back to our house to do a little packing. While I was working in the bedroom, I heard a knock on the door. My husband got there first and intercepted the package. But I KNEW it was my Phildar yarn. Moving or not, you cannot let yarn arrive at your house and not look at it at least a little! I ordered A LOT of yarn.

There are a lot of baby sweater yarn packs in there. The best one is this:

Yes, it's a bad picture. But maybe you can recognize it as the giraffe jacket that Alison made that everyone loves so much. And if you order the yarn to knit it from Nathalie at Breiweb (no affliliation, of course) she sends you the pattern, too! Sure, it's in Dutch, but it's very easy to understand the pattern if you've knit a sweater before. The yarn (Pegase) seems to be a brightly colored French version of Wool Ease. Not bad for baby sweaters. I'll be documenting all of these sweater kits, but I'm under strict orders to tape the box back up now and get back to moving!


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