Temptation Strikes

Fall Knitty, how could you do this to me? I've already started Cozy and I'm searching for some yarn for Clapotis. Cozy is being made from the Tahki New Tweed I'd originally bought to make Dolman Updated from the Winter 2003 IK. I was only a few months pregnant when I ordered the yarn and foolishly ordered only enough to make the size I was pre-baby. Since I can't knit that sweater in my fun new larger-chested size, this is a great use for the yarn.

Here's Cozy, draped over my leg for some handy contrast.

Things are looking good for us in terms of apartments and we will know tomorrow if we've been approved. Seeing as how we have good credit and no felonies on our records, we should be moving in this weekend! The apartment community has low and moderate income housing, so we have to fill out TONS of paperwork for them about how much we make. I even had to sign something in front of a notary public stating that I'm unemployed and do not intend to become employed in the next twelve months. Ha -- I think I'm quite fully employed, thank you very much, I'm just not paid for the privilege. In any case, I love the apartment that will hopefully soon be ours. Carpeting! Nice kitchen counters! An upstairs! Closets for yarn storage! Hmm, I think that means I need more yarn...


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