Yarn diet? What yarn diet?

Today was my 26th birthday, when you think I'd be getting a little too old to be excited about such things. Not so! We went hiking and on the way home, my husband forced me into Showers of Flowers to buy a skein of Kureyon for the bear I mentioned yesterday.

And it turns out they were having their fall sale! I got a bag of the now discontinued Waterspun at 50% off.

(At this point I finally turned the flash on...)

I made some progress on the front of the frog sweater.

And I finally started Arla. Here's the striping on the back. I have two semi-similar balls reserved for the cardigan fronts. We'll see how well that works out, since Noro is notorious for color changing knots.

There may not be much knitting progress until next month, since I'm turning the house into Halloween costume central after seeing some of the costumes others are sewing.


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