We interrupt your regularly scheduled knit blog...

...to bring you a special Christmas present knit blog. I was suddenly filled with some sort of spirit of giving that made me go to Hobby Lobby and buy this.

Almost all other projects are suspended until Christmas knitting is complete. It's this time of year when ball band patterns start to look really good to me. Here's the first one, a bias scarf knit in Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair.

Bias Scarf
Lion Brand free pattern
Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair, Rain Forest
Denise Interchangeables, 9 mm (US 13)

It's actually a pretty neat yarn, a strand of cotton/metallic polyester held together with a strand of mohair/acrylic blend.

Not counting the presents for my husband (which I do hope to finish in time, too, but it's okay if I don't) I have five people to knit for. Three hats, two scarves, two pairs of mitts, one pair of socks. It's going to be a knit-filled Advent!


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