I am growing more and more obsessed with all things French. It started innocently enough with a trip to Le Central on my first date with my husband. Moules et Frites! Then a few of my favorite movies on DVD (Le Diner de Cons, Le Placard). Then a copy of Marie Claire Idees. Then came Phildar. Now, according to Ina Garten, they sell roasted beets there, ready to eat! That seals the deal for me. Beets are my favorite vegetable in the whole world. Go French beet lovers!

To celebrate my love of French things, I finished Clapotis. I think that the blue color fits in with the little waves theme. It will debut tonight, so modeling shots are on their way!

Classic Elite Waterspun, Periwinkle (100% felted merino)
Denise Interchangeables, 5 mm (US 8)

(It should be noted that I speak no French. I took German in high school and it was my minor in college. It comes in handy for reading Rebecca and Geothe poems and listening to Wagner operas, but I really wish I knew French. I do recognize words and phrases, but I sort of pronounce them like English in my head.)


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