My secret pal is just so amazing. I know who she is (at least I think I do) but I'm having so much fun with this secret thing that I'm not going to really guess until the reveal next month. Shortly after the book arrived in the mail, I got another package! I seriously wan't expecting it, so you should have seen the dance I did at the mailbox. Several of my neighbors probably think I'm crazy now. But you'd have danced, too, if you got this in the mail!

It's lime lotion, the pattern to Sophie from MagKnits, a beautiful subtly heathered blue skein of Cascade 220 and a red skein of Brown Sheep Nature Spun. There was dark chocolate, too. It couldn't make it to the photo shoot because it was devoured over the weekend. Thank you!

The Brown Sheep is a color called Red Fox. This exact same skein of yarn is the first "real" yarn I ever bought. I had just received Folk Mittens for my 19th birthday from my college boyfriend and I went to the yarn store for the first time since our Walmart didn't carry dpn's. I walked out with my first Brittany birch needles, a skein of Nature Spun and the beginnings of a yarn addiction. The mittens have horrible ladders at the decreases near the top, but I loved them. I lost one somewhere along the way so the leftover mitten got some white embroidery and became part of the Christmas decorations at my mom's house. Ah, knitting nostalgia.

If all goes well today I may finish Clapotis! Think sleepy thoughts for my little boy so I can knit while I pretend there's not a giant pile of laundry waiting to be done.


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