Baby + Almost Teething - Blogging = Still No Time

My son is probably going to cut his first tooth in the next month or so and he's quite busy with the pre-teething routine. This involves, among other things, lots of drooling, chewing and waking up all night long. I thought my sleep deprivation was over a few months ago, proving I know nothing about babies and am learning as I go. I still did get a little knitting done. The Welsh Country socks are beautiful, but they may be a little too big. I'm pausing on that project until I get some measurements from the recipient.

Seeing as how that's the last must-finish project, I got started with a swatch for my husdband's present -- the Fast Favorite vest from Men in Knits.

He chose the yarn and the pattern, so things are looking good that he'll wear it. And it only has two seams, so chances are I'll actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time!


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