Spreading the Gospel

We went on our first ever family showshoe trip this weekend. After an hour or so, my out of shape body said no more (hey, I deserve time off from training -- I carried a BABY around for nine months with no breaks!) and John and I went into the so-called lodge at the cheap, close ski "resort". John happily sat in his hiking backpack next to me, I knitted on some scarves for Christmas. While trying to tune out a teenage boy and his little sister fighting over who would get the last Pepsi, I heard the girl say "How do you do that?" Seeing as how I never travel light knitting-wise, I handed over the garter stitch scarf to her, picked up another project and got to showing her how to knit. She got it after three stitches, faster than any adult I've tried to teach. As she knit along the row, her dad came back and told the kids to suit up and get back to skiing. "But Daaaa-aad," she whined, "I have to finish this row!" How she picked up the universal knitter's protest in just five minutes of knitting is beyond me, but I took it as a good sign that somewhere down the line she'll pick up knitting again. See -- she did the second half of this row, not even accidentally splitting the two strands held together into separate stitches!

I have three and a half more projects finished, but that will have to get posted tomorrow. Mommy duty calls!


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