The more I see Scoop...

... the more I want to rip ii out and fix a million things about it. The shoulders kind of slump, the back neck is a little low, the scoop is too scoopy. After seeing how brave Alison is being about ripping, I'm going to take the plunge myself. Too bad I sewed all those ends in...

To soothe my knitting pain I have three brand spanking new small projects going. One is a gift and one is a pattern I'm going to write, so I'll keep those in hiding for a little while. The third one is the ruffled scarf from Scarf Style. I know I need to finish up everything else I'm working on, but lace patterns and my sleepy brain don't get along so well these days. My son has also turned into a cat napper, so my knitting needs to be of the quick to pick up and put down variety.

Finally, I'm embarking on a stash inventory project. I may now figure out exactly how many years I could go without buying yarn and still have something to knit.


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