Lace Makers

Today's saint of the day is John Francis Regis, the patron saint of lace makers. Thankfully, our in-progress John Francis decided not to make his entry into the world on his name saint's day. As an alternate way to celebrate, I finished two lace projects today.

One: a secret Christmas present, a scarf made from Classic Elite Lush. I love how it's reversible, although I think I like the lace side better than the ribbed side.

The original pattern would have made a narrower scarf, but the intended recipient isn't a long narrow scarf sort of person. I added a repeat and now it's a nice little neck warmer scarf. It's so soft that you'd want it tucked in your coat, so that really works out.

Two: my merino lace socks, from Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Blueberry Hill.

Even if you have larger feet like me (9's that pregnancy turned into 9.5's and may stay that way), you can still get a pair of socks with fairly long legs from one skein. You can even make a tiny swatch beforehand and have a little tiny bit left for future repairs.

On to more projects! I'm so impressed by what others are starting for the lace along but I know I should stick with my simpler project. If I don't, the baby will certainly be born tomorrow.


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