Cotton in the cold

Last night our furnace stopped working. In my sleepy haze around 2 a.m., I wondered why John wouldn't sleep in his co-sleeper and just bundled him into bed with me. Turns out it was 58 degrees in our house. Brr. While waiting for the repair guy to come this morning, I bundled John up so warmly that he fell asleep and I knitted to keep warm. It got me wondering why on earth I was knitting a cotton baby sweater. I finished the front and back and I'm really thinking about putting this away until a little later despite potential gauge changes, since the gauge will match on the body and then also on the sleeves.

I also had to rip back on Arla, since I knit seven inches when the pattern said to knit eight inches. Who knows what I was thinking.

Now I'm eyeing a pair of wrist warmers from Knit Mittens!, which I checked out from the library. I'm also lusting after Last Minute Knitted Gifts, which is a beautiful book I can't justify buying but really really want. Both are great for this type of weather and the approaching gift season. Now if only I had fourty-eight hour days and/or no need for sleep, I'd be set!


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