Clapotis strikes again!

I was really going to try to reknit the Debbie Bliss scoop neck cardigan. I even reknit and then re-ripped a sleeve. But then the yarn jumped onto the needles all by itself and made this.

Apparently the camera also took the picture all by itself and that's why it's so blurry.
It's another Clapotis. It's so different from my last one that I won't mind having two. Besides, all of my husband's job prospects look like they'll be landing us in winterless locales. Seeing as how it's been claimed that Silk Garden is only useable as attic insulation in Nashville and we're looking at New Orleans and Houston, I figured that maybe a sweater out of the stuff might not get much wear in my future. So even if I have to crank the air conditioner in the middle of winter to wear this Clapotis, I'll do it. Besides, I've sort of become a Kate Gilbert junkie. I'm planning to knit a Silk Garden Elizabeth from some of the other recycled yarn. The minute I even think I'm pregnant again I'm going to knit an Anouk on the off chance that the baby will be a girl.
Stacey's sew up bee today was quite fun. I'll let her show off the afghan first, but if you'd like to see a sneak peek of my son playing with some squares, go check out his blog Johnlet.


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