Too Pregnant

Things that have made me cry in the last week:

The song Abraham, Martin and John
An American Plastics Council commercial
The movie Yankee Doodle Dandy

If that doesn't say that I have way too many hormones surging thought my body, I don't know what does.

I put off working on my waving lace socks because I decided to knit what must be the one of the most insane baby projects ever. It's a little hat with 136 stitches in a round. I don't think I've ever made a hat with that many stitches, much less one that's intended to fit a tiny baby head. The pattern revealed itself to me as I was flipping through the Spring 2004 IK to find the sock pattern again. A spare skein of Koigu that has been sitting around for at least two years then suggested it would be a good match for the pattern. Before I knew it, I had this.

Here's one of the cables, which looks like a mashed together braid.

It is very cute and hopefully it will fit him perfectly this fall. I think that a baby's head is one of the best places to put nicer yarns. I'm sure they can spit up and have it reach their head, but it's probably a little harder than spitting up on most other places. Will the hat make it through the fall unscathed? Wait and see...


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