I was flipping through the paper this weekend and what do I find? An alpaca show!

There were cute animals and some incredible yarn. There was one vendor with a handpainted yarn in a color called Siamese Fighting Fish. It was so beautiful. And she took credit cards. It took every single bit of strength I could muster to stick to my yarn diet. Sigh... My husband, who is not on any sort of diet, got this kumihimo disk and book. He likes making knotted cord type projects. Maybe I can get him to make me drawstrings for some hooded sweatshirt projects in the future.

In Phildar news, Pegase must be French for "knits up really fast" because I'm done with all of the main pieces of the sweater. I almost ran out of yarn, though. That was scary there for a few rows... I'm going to block them before I take pictures, since the all stockinette stitch pieces are curling pretty badly.

Emails have been sent to all of the yarn winners from Free Yarn Friday I. Thanks for everyone's interest! Free Yarn Friday II -- Attack of the Sock Yarn is coming soon!


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