I finished how much?

My mom's house must have a good influence on me. I'm finishing projects. Really.

Here's Freda, the Rowan International subscription project. My family thinks it's sort of weird. I like it well enough. I went with a contrasting ribbon since I couldn't find something that matched well enough.

And a modeling shot. You can't see that I'm wearing fleecy reindeer pajama bottoms to complete the ensemble.

I started the Debbie Bliss Noro bunny, which is constructed very simply compared to the bear. Only eight pieces!

My mom's house is also very good for sewing. She has everything you'd ever need and TONS of it. Scissors and pins and irons just everywhere! This is a sharp contrast with my house, where it can take more than half an hour to find a sewing needle.

We made John a Christmas star bunting.

We also made him a ribbon loop blanket.

And a tiny ribbon loop blanket to attach to a stroller with links.

If all goes well today, there will be a much anticipated finished baby sweater. Cross your fingers!


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