Nothing else to knit

Having run out of small, mindless knitting projects on vacation, I found a pattern for knitted toy balls in Piecework. My mom has been reading this magazine since day one and someday I plan to go on a spree and use a bunch of the Piecework knitting patterns. Maybe as soon as I'm done with everything in the stash. Ha! Using some fuzzy acrylic I found in my mom's meager yarn stash (we're talking about maybe ten stray skeins of yarn here -- my mom's stash obsession is fabric) I knit these up.

Knitted Balls
Piecework November/December 2004
Old fuzzy sportweight acrylic yarn
Boye aluminum dpn, 3.25 mm (US 3)

I had my brother try to juggle with them, but apparently they're much too light. Maybe next visit I'll run out of knitting again and make a heavier set.


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