Conspiracy Theory

Everything was conspiring against my knitting progress yesterday. I woke up early but my hands were too puffy to knit. Then, despite my best efforts to stay awake, I fell back asleep for the rest of the morning. I guess I should trust my body and also enjoy the extra pre-baby sleep, but this is just so not like me! During the afternoon, a slew of well meaning family and friends called to see how the about to be born baby was doing. I was on the phone almost constantly from noon until four. Who knew that staying at home doing "nothing" could take so much time?

There is some progress to show, though -- one unblocked sleeve!


At 6:58 AM, Blogger kate said...

hey, I stole your photo of your socks to put in the lace along gallery. Is that ok? If not, just tell me and I'll take it out.


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