Life is just a bowl of cherries

Today I decided to make a pie for my husband for his about-to-be-a-father Father's Day dessert. I started everything from scratch, yielding this wonderful bowl of pitted cherries.

That's the last thing that was beautiful. I only had butter at home, so I made some pate brise. Then came the critical error. Instead of using a pie plate, like a thinking person would have, I decided to make a rustic tart. I gleefully filled my rustic circle of pie crust with cherries, sugar and corn starch and folded up the edges. It looked perfect! Into the oven it went!

All too soon I realized that really rich pie crust does not hold in bubbling pie juices. I finally slid the entire thing into a cake pan and let it bake a while. It was not worthy of photography. My lovely husband came home from a long run and was actually happy to find what I deemed "dump pie." And that's why I love him.


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But I bet it was delicious!
Kate has posted your picture in a Lace-Along Gallery. Check it out. She's a better friend than I am.
julia fc


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