Knitting Nostalgia

I've been knitting on and off since I was six. I pretty much stopped when I was sixteen, having gone completely boy crazy. Why knit when you could think about boys? My freshman year in college I soon discovered stress the likes of which I'd never known before and seeing as how boys helped precious little with that, I took up knitting again. This time I never stopped. Here's my first project from what would become an unending line of knitting.

It's WoolEase from Wal-Mart. I'm pretty sure the pattern is from Vogue Knitting that I got from the library. I was a few months away from discovering there was an incredible knitting/spinning/weaving store adjacent to campus. I know I chose the hunter green because I had a green duffel coat at the time, but I have no idea what made me think gray was a good contrast color. This is my second ever piece of colorwork, the first having been a pink and white acrylic swatch that I made up myself in junior high (really, I unvented stranding one day waiting in the dentist's office) and prompty gave up on due to the tangles. I'm actually kind of impressed with the tension, considering I didn't know how to knit English at the time and was swapping yarn back and forth in my left hand.

It's actually good I found this, since my husband asked me yesterday if I could make him a hat like this.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Danielle said...

Its a nice hat. Hubby wanting one is so sweet.

I tagged you for a book Meme.


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