Rowan! Rowan! Rowan!

My Rowan 37 arrived today. I was quite pleased and have started planning new projects. My project criteria are sort of odd, so I'll outline them here.

1. Can I wear it while nursing?
I'm eight months into nursing my son John and there's no end in sight. Tight, fitted pullovers are not really the best fashion choice for me. I will probably spend two of every three years over the next decade or so nursing a baby. I'd like to be able to wear my sweaters instead of looking at them longingly in my closet.

2. Can I wear it while pregnant?
My husband and I really like kids. We're planning on having a medium to large sized family, wanting four kids on a bad day and six on a good day. Watch out if you ever find us on a great day, we may just want a dozen. In any case, I show quickly when I'm pregnant and will spend many months with a giant bump. Should I have to go sweaterless? Of course not!

3. If criteria one and two don't apply, is it just so incredibly cool I can't imagine not knitting it?
Sometimes there are great designs that I want to make even if it does mean I'll only get to wear it intermittently.

Applying these criteria to the latest Rowan, I decided to knit Martha (definitely nursing, lower half stylishly unbuttoned pregnant), Elspeth (hello, maternity wear! and still cool if I'm on the relatively skinny side) and Gemma (I love Calmer, I love the interplay of another yarn in a cool pattern). The best part of this is that I have twelve skeins of Calmer (in Slosh) that were intended to make Whisper. I'm going to steal the yarn from that project and that covers over half of the yarn I'll need for these three.

I'm going to start Gemma first, as it has a limited time to be worn before I end up pregnant again. I already ordered the 4 ply cotton in the color Cooking Apple. Now if my yarn would just hurry up and arrive!


At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Hey Brynne,
Long time no comment but life here has been crazy I was catching up today and I had to post a pattern idea for you. The chevron tank that is a free pattern at Interweave. I'm making now and I think that if I get it done soon enough I'll wear it for a few weeks and then it'll be perfect as post maternity wear in August. Hope this helps.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

You'll love Gemma, I've nearly finished mine having done it in the lilac and pink shades. It feels so nice together and although it has a little shaping, it will be fine for nursing I'm sure.


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